• Question: What kind of atmosphere is dangerous

    Asked by Demi Morgan Twilight on 8 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: Hazel Jeffery

      Hazel Jeffery answered on 8 Feb 2021:

      Hello! If your question is about what atmosphere is dangerous to humans then broadly speaking and of these: a polluted atmosphere, toxins in the atmosphere, a lack of the right amount of oxygen in the atmosphere for us to breathe, and importantly on Earth an ozone layer at the top layer of the atmosphere that shields us from harmful solar radiation.

      Too much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that humans have released into the atmosphere are causing the planet to warn faster than it would do from natural causes. We are already seeing the impact of this through floods, glaciers melting and heatwaves – and these are already causing people to die. However we can all take action to do something to stop it getting worse in the future (the gases stay in the air a long time) , see https://www.count-us-in.org/16-steps/ and importantly talk to people about this.