Teachers: take part in the Planet Earth Zone

The Planet Earth Zone is running from 11 January to 5 February 2021.

It’s an online activity that students can take part in from home.

The Zone is open to all schools in the UK and Ireland and is suitable for students aged 10 to 18.


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What can my students do?

What do students need?

  • To take part students just need a computer or tablet, and an internet connection
  • Chats are all text-based (no video or audio)
  • There is no special software needed – just a web browser

What is the Planet Earth Zone?

The Planet Earth Zone is an online STEM enrichment activity focused on environmental science and geology. It is designed to work alongside this year’s Royal Institution CHRISTMAS LECTURES, Planet Earth: A User’s Guide.

Students will connect with a range of scientists and experts including geologists, environmental scientists, physicists and more. The Planet Earth Zone will also feature some of the contributors to the Lectures.

Watch the CHRISTMAS LECTURES series on BBC iPlayer now >

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